Right To Life of Montana

Save the Baby Humans!

An Open Letter to Pro-Life Voters,
     Our legislative action will really begin with the new legislative session after the
election in November. There will be several bills that we will be sponsoring, and I will
post updates on our website as they happen.
     For the time being, it is worth knowing that the early voting begins in October for absentee
ballots and for mail-in votes. In the past, it has been our policy to endorse political candidates
based on their voting records as incumbents, on their response to survey questions, and on the
views they have expressed either publicly or to us in face to face interviews. This election year
Montana Right To Life Political Action Committee (MRTL PAC) by and large is endorsing the
candidates for the Republican Party. This is due to the fact that, although we are a non-partisan
organization and our scope is limited to opposing abortion on demand, euthanasia, physician-
assisted suicide, and embryonic stem-cell research; we also recognize that the party platform
adopted for the 2016 election cycle by the Republican Party is in line with our efforts, and the
party platform adopted for the 2016 election cycle by the Democrat Party is directly opposed
to our efforts in almost every respect.
     It is imperative that we elect a President and Senate who will name and confirm
members to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution and not seek the most
liberal possible interpretation of it. Donald Trump and the Republican Party have
promised to do so. If we don't, then the Supreme Court will be in jeopardy of swinging
so far left that we won't be able to close the gate for generations. It is also imperative that
we elect people to Montana State government who will enact legislation that reflects the
values of the majority of Montanans, and a governor who will not veto the bills they pass
without regard to the wishes of the citizens of the state as reflected by their representatives.
Therefore, we are enthusiastically endorsing the Republican candidates for every race.
Please see our endorsements below. 
      I hope this is helpful to you. Please go on line and compare the party platforms.
I think you will agree with me that there is only one way to vote if you are Pro-Life.
Lianna Karlin
President, Right To Life Of Montana
Chairman, Montana Right To Life PAC
Here are the Montana Right to Life Political Action Committee Candidate Endorsements for the 2016 Election:


President of the United States                         Donald Trump (R)

U.S. House of Representatives                        Ryan Zinke (R)

Montana Statewide

Governor                                                         Greg Gianforte (R)

Attorney General                                            Tim Fox (R)

Secretary of State                                            Cory Stapleton  (R)

State Auditor                                                   Matt Rosendale (R)

Office of Public Instruction (OPI)                  Elsie Arntzen (R)

Montana Supreme Court                                 Kristen Juras

Montana Senate

SD 2                                                                 Dee Brown (R)

SD 3                                                                 Keith Regier (R)

SD 6                                                                 Al Olszewski (R)

SD 7                                                                 Jennifer Fielder (R)

SD 10                                                               Steve Fitzpatrick (R)

SD 15                                                               Ryan Osmundson (R)

SD 16                                                               G. Bruce Meyers (R)

SD 17                                                               Mike Lang (R)

SD 18                                                               Jason Small (R)

SD 23                                                               Roger Webb (R)

SD 26                                                               Don Roberts (R)

SD 28                                                               Tom Richmond (R)

SD 35                                                               Scott Sales (R)

SD 36                                                               Jeff Welborn (R)

SD 40                                                               Terry Gauthier (R)

SD 44                                                               Fred Thomas (R)

SD 47                                                               Dan Solomon (R)

Montana House 

HD 1                                                                 Steve Gunderson(R)

HD 2                                                                 Mike Cuffe (R)

HD 4                                                                 Matt Regier (R)

HD 6                                                                 Carl Glimm (R)

HD 7                                                                 Frank Garner (R)

HD 8                                                                 Steve Lavin (R)

HD  9                                                                Randy Brodehl (R)

HD 10                                                               Mark Noland (R)

HD 11                                                               Derek Skees (R)

HD 12                                                               Greg Hertz (R)

HD 13                                                               Bob Brown (R)

HD 19                                                               Wendy McKamey (R)

HD 25                                                               Jeremy Trebas(R)

HD 28                                                               Stephanie Hess (R)

HD 30                                                               Willie Galt (R)

HD 32                                                               Jonathan Windy Boy (D)

HD 34                                                               Austin Knudsen (R)

HD 36                                                               Alan Doane (R)

HD 37                                                               Bill Harris (R)

HD 38                                                               Kenneth Holmlund (R)

HD 40                                                               Barry Usher (R)

HD 44                                                               Dale Mortensen (R)

HD 45                                                               Daniel Zolnikov (R)

HD 46                                                               Donald Jones (R)

HD 48                                                               Robert Saunders (R)

HD 50                                                               Kerri  Seekens-Crowe (R)

HD 53                                                               Dennis Lenz (R)

HD 54                                                               Jeff Essman (R)

HD 55                                                               Vince Ricci (R)

HD 57                                                               Forrest Mandeville (R)

HD 58                                                               Seth Berglee (R)

HD 59                                                               Alan Redfield (R)

HD 60                                                               Debra Lamm (R)

HD 61                                                               Neal Ganzer (R)

HD 64                                                               Kerry White (R

HD 67                                                               Tom Burnett(R)

HD 70                                                               Kelly Flynn (R)

HD 71                                                               Ray Shaw (R)

HD 75                                                               Kirk Wagoner (R)

HD 80                                                               Becky Beard (R)

HD 83                                                               Bob Leach (R)

HD 84                                                               Steve Gibson(R)

HD 85                                                               Theresa Manzella (R)

HD 86                                                               Ron Ehli (R)

HD 87                                                               Nancy Balance (R)

HD 88                                                               Ed Grief (R)

HD 92                                                               Mike Hopkins (R)

HD 97                                                               Brad Tschida (R)